The Worksman Front Load Industrial Tricycles set the standard for heavy-duty cycle applications with an amazing one-quarter ton total payload capacity. Just how the Worksman Front Loaders are able to stand up to such demanding loads, while remaining maneuverable and safe, is a testimonial to Worksman design. The 14 gauge main bar, coupled with a 1" diameter solid steel axle and ball-bearing hubs, handles loads that would crush an ordinary cycle. The double leaf springs and massive machined steering spindle with malleable head lug begs for the toughest loads. These are classic Worksman American Made industrial grade commercial cycles.

All Front Loaders come with a "super duty" rear coaster brake and 11 gauge spoke wheels. For even greater strength, the Front Loaders are available with welded steel "mag" wheels fitted with Kevlar tires, puncture resistant tubes or solid tires. Worksman Super Deliver Trikes are used by large and small companies alike for small package deliveries as shown here in this photograph. With today's high fuel costs and traffic congestion, The Worksman Super Delivery Tricycle makes more sense than ever!

As it has been for over a century, Worksman Front Loader are made with frames welded right here in the USA by our quality factory workers who take price in every cycle we build. These amazing cycles are built in New York to provide you with the toughest, most durable cycle available. Please choose the Front Loader that is perfect for you from the list below. Many customizable options are available for every model that we make.

Worksman Industrial Front Loader Tricycle Worksman Front Loader - Model STPT
Standard Platform Trike with 38"x26" Platform mounted onto Low Elliptical Leaf Springs w/ 37.5" Axle. * Most Popular Worksman Front Load Tricycle*. Use this incredibly durable tricycle to move materials and supplies at large industrial complexes or warehouses.

Many people use this cycle by mounting their own cabinets, seating areas, or other fixtures to create a tricycle just right for their own unique movement systems.  Overall Width 37.5"
A fixture on the streets of America for over a century...Worksman Cycles. Image shown in Safety Orange color with optional front fender set.

Worksman Industrial Utility Tricycle Worksman Front Loader - Model U
Utility Trike w/ 34x30" Platform Mounted onto High Elliptical Leaf Springs w/ 31.5" Axle. Popular at factories where items to be moved are better placed above the wheel level. Like all Worksman Front Load Tricycles, the Model U has an overall load rating exceeding 500 pounds! Remember, Worksman Industrial Tricycles are not toys!
  overall Width 32"

Worksman Front Load Super Delivery Trike Worksman Front Load Super Delivery Trike - Model SUD

The Ultimate Urban Delivery Vehicle. High Fuel Prices and other hefty expenses associated with motorized vehicles are a thing of the past with the Worksman Super Delivery Tricycle. The SUD Trike w/ 42"x23"x25" Non-Insulated Lockable Steel Cabinet. Ideal for delivery services or movement of larger items. Worksman SUD's are used on the streets of major cities around the world for parcel deliveries, food service,deliveries, just about any small package delivery in congested urban areas.

Build Your Delivery Business using these incredible industrial tricycle vehicles

No fuel, no fumes, low cost and in many cases can replace expensive vans or other motorized delivery vehicles. The cabinet is huge an an ideal place to advertise your business....a virtual "billboard on wheels" .The benefits are many. A simple solution for today's complicated world.  Overall width 32.5"

Worksman Front Load Industrial Tricycle Heavy Duty Worksman Front Loader - Model WTC4X4
The Worksman of Quadricycles......a real machine, not a toy.... w/ 38x26" Front Platform and 22x15" Rear Platform. Coaster Brake. Shown with optional Welded Mag Wheels and 7227 Flat Steel Rear Basket and full fender set. Ideal for moving larger loads in factory setting. Very stable, very durable,. Overall load rating exceeds 500 pounds
  Overall Width 37.5"

Worksman TRC Tri-Cart Pushcart
Worksman TRC Tri-Cart Pushcart
The Tri-Cart is a Delivery Pushcart ideal for urban businesses that need an effective way to make product deliveries. Grocers, Restaurants, Office Suppliers, Small Package Delivery Services, Fruit Stores, Liquor Stores and other businesses seeking an efficient Delivery System should look at this great cart. This sturdy steel pushcart offers a simple and effective method for delivery services.

The Cabinet measures 42x23x24.5". The entire top opens and can be locked. The side wheels are classic Worksman WTC 20" Clincher wheels with Nev-r-Fail Solid Rubber tires. The Front 8" caster swivel has a parking lock.

Besides the functionality of this delivery cart, many businesses view this as a great advertising tool..a "virtual billboard on wheels ". You can add attractive and effective graphics to help promote your business.

 Worksman Ice Cream Tricycle V-ICT  
We started manufacturing the classic Worksman Front Load Ice Cream Tricycles more than 75 years ago when the Good Humor Company was first established and looking for methods to get their products out to the neighborhoods they wanted to serve. Since then, these classic vehicles have become a part of American culture. Remember the jing-a-ling of the ice cream bells as the local "ice cream man' rode through your neighborhood?

Well chances are, he was riding a made in New York City Worksman Tricycle. These cycles are super durable and naturally require no fuel, emit no fumes and are fun to ride. The front cabinet on the model V-ICT is an insulated stainless steel box measuring 36x23x28" on the outside, thickly insulated with a snap shut air-tight 10x10" door. A dry ice shelf is located inside the cabinet for convenient loading of dry ice. A handy exterior compartment is standard for storing napkins or other items. Using dry ice, these vehicles are ideal for vending pre-packaged novelty ice cream. All Dry Ice models come with a drain for easy interior cleaning. Today, Worksman Ice Cream Tricycles are in use in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa. Whether you are seeking a single ice cream trike to start a small business or require a fleet to expand your business, call us so we can assist you in planning your purchase. Freight is additional. Note- The V-ICT shown is equipped with optional welded mag wheels.

Worksman Ice Cream Trike
Worksman Ice Cream Trike Model V-IT-S
Same as model V-ICT, except the door is a removable flip style door measuring 20x10". This door style is appropriate for pre-packaged Novelty Ice Cream or scooping (Keep in mind the door opening size vs. your bulk pack containers to make certain that scooping will work in this configuration). Includes a Napkin/storage compartment by handlebars.We only install Dry Ice Shelf on V-IT-S if customer so desires and specifies. GREAT FOR SAMPLING PROGRAMS.....used by some of the leading beverage companies as means of promoting drinks in a unique, stylish way. Freight is additional.
Worksman Italian Ice Tricycle Made in the USA Worksman Ice Cream / Italian Ice Tricycle- V-IT
Same as models V-ICT and V-IT-S except the Door is a large removable flip style door measuring 20x20". This model is most often used for scooping Italian Ices or Ice Cream. Also great for bottled beverage sales. Includes a Napkin/storage compartment by handlebars. The Model V-IT does not include a dry ice shelf. hold appx 12 2.5 gallon tubes (6 over 6) Freight Additional. Another Worksman Cycles American Classic
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